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Our Story

In 2008, Rod and Pat Fortin decided to retire to the interior of BC.

What we found was the stunning Wine Capital of Canada and the myriad of lush vineyards situated in the Okanagan Valley.

Always looking for the next adventure we purchased a property and converted it into a beautiful vineyard.

Living the dream? That's just what we're doing. Retiring? Not a chance.

Our son  Tim  and  his  wife  Eileen  joined  us  in  2016,  purchasing  the  adjoining  property.  Together  with  their  sons  Kelsey  and  Taylor  they’ve  planted  the  Mountainview  Vineyard,  built  the new  winery facility and  are  now  completing  the  new  Tasting  room. 

Three  generations  working  together  is  a  dream  come  true. 


Our Land

In 2010, our family established "Red Horses Vineyard".  In  2016  we  added  the  Mountainview Vineyard. 

Situated in the intense heat of Oliver, BC.,  our vineyards’ gravelly soils produce dark, rich, bold Cabernet Sauvignon grapes  with  intense  flavours 


Our Wines

 Opening Summer 2020

2017  Cabernet  Sauvignon

2018  Cabernet  Sauvignon

2018  Cabernet  Sauvignon  Reserve

2018  Cross  Breed  -  Cab/Merlot  blend

2018  Merlot

2019  Chardonnay

2019  Run  Away  Rosé 

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Red Horses Vineyard

365 Zinfandel Avenue, Oliver, B.C., Canada V0H 1T0

info@redhorsesvineyard.ca Instagram: redhorsesvineyard Facebook: Red Horses Vineyard

Tasting Room Hours

Opening Summer 2020

We will be offering on-line sales and hope to open the Tasting room soon.   Thank you

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